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POTHOLE PATROL: We're Looking for WNY's Worst | Transportation

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POTHOLE PATROL: We're Looking for WNY's Worst
POTHOLE PATROL: We're Looking for WNY's Worst

Know of any particularly devastating potholes that you would like to warn your friends and neighbors to avoid? Send an email to neighborhoods@wgrz.com with the location and any details you can provide. Attach a photo if you can get one safely.

2 On Your Side's Michael Wooten recently reported on the state of area roads as the melting snow and ice begins to reveal the damage that this winter has wrought. You can see his report here.

Below are the reports we've received from viewers so far, broken out by neighborhood. Scroll down to the Comments section for additional warnings about potholes in your town.


- Corner of Niagara Falls Blvd. at Brighton road on the north side of Brighton turning from the Blvd. 

- Hopkins Rd. between Klein and Dodge in Amherst. Both North and South sides are horrendous.

- Between Dodge and Klein. ... Everyone drives down the middle of the street to avoid the mess on both sides. What a waste of taxpayer money - to patch it up and then have the same problem.

- Hopkins between Maple and Dodge is like running the gauntlet. Holy land mine, Batman!

- Patches all along Hopkins ... are torn up btwn Dodge and Klein, it's so bad. Take Youngs instead.

- A couple on Casey just before you turn onto Transit in East Amherst. 

- The Erie county hwy. from the harlem rd. location has been called by me and they do not come   >>> LIP SERVICE   Casey rd. near transit . See what you can do . First of all Amherst hwy. should be taking care of it.It is all rediculous.

- Just EAST of the intersection of Transit and Roll Rd on Roll – AWFUL!!!!

- On Robinson Road between Sweet Home Road and Niagara Falls Blvd, right before Bally's Fitness Center & Medical Building. In Right Lane if you were heading to Niagara Falls Blvd.


- Lake Ave between N Benzing Road and Abbott Road. The road is a mess, its not even potholes I don't think. Its just very rough.


- Chaffee Road and route 16, about 1/2 mile from route 16 on the erie co side. a man who lives there finally went out and put up a home made sign, at least 4 flat tires yesterday, I called the wyoming county sheriff dept,(since I had the number) they called someone to report the problem. I came back thru and no one fixed it 6 hours later!!!  called the sheriff dept again, the guy who lives in the house also called the erie co sheriff dept and this morning someone put a cone in the hole in the driving lane.


- In Cheektowaga, Losson Rd. (between Borden and Transit) that whole stretch on Losson is ripped up pretty bad.

- Harlem and George Urban is pretty much one gigantic pothole, it is so ridiculous even driving slow over potholes you wonder if your car is going to fall apart. 

- Como Park Rd. (between Borden and Transit) that whole stretch on Como is ripped up from the plows and the bucket loaders. 


The worst pothole in Clarence is located on Clarence Ctr. Rd. between Salt Rd. and Strickler Rd. approximately ¼ mile West of Salt Rd.


- On I-90 heading towards Rochester, past exit 49, as you're passing the quarry ... in the left hand lane, you hit it with your left tire every time. 


- OH NO I got the most ultimate one of em all takes up the whole damn road! I was heading to Buff General, my dad was being rushed to the ER I went to meet the family there...I hit Carlton and Michigan near Roswell....BAM! Hit a HUGE pothole that I thought bottomed out my car! Called Mayors "hotline" pothole is STILL there!

- William St. coming from Downtown all the way up to Fillmore Ave there are some pretty big ones there too.


- Oy vay.... DUNKIRK... Rt 60 .... the railroad crossing at ice cream drive.... Dangerous pot holes


- Genesee in Buffalo. All the ppl have 2 do is travel up and down the streets and mark what they c, its just so easy

- There is a huge pot hole on the corner of bailey and clinton its huge!!!!!!!

- Eggert road by the 33. That whole section should be redone. They fixed a huge potholes two months ago but guess what there all back. Rip the whole street up instead of filling them in. The snow. Salt, and cars only turns it back into what it was another month later.

- In LoveJoy, all throughout Vanderbilt, particularly at the corner of Davey there is potholes everywhere!!!! It kills my car every time I go to, and from, my house.


- Take a video going down Eden Evans Center Road, the whole road from Eden to Evans is so bad people drive on the shoulder.

- RT 20 from Sturgeon Pt Rd to Eden Evans Center.

- West Church St in Eden, which turns into Eden Evans Center. Just horrible! You know its bad when drivers see a sign stating "rough road" as (you) exit the thruway! Just plain dangerous and abusive to our cars!

- There is a patch of Rt 20 in Evans/Andgola area a couple miles before Eden Evans Center Rd going north that is SO BAD! Cars and trucks try to swirve around it but it is a huge stretch of road and it is all tore up. And they just fixed part of it last summer...patch work...and now it's even worse then before.

- I’d like to add  to the Eden-Evans Center Rd comments, it’s a joke!!! I just got my 1st ever NEW car, & even w/ my old beater I would be going a different route. From Rt 5 to Rt 20 is AWFul, but Rt 20 to the Thruway entrance is even worse! These are craters SEVERAL inches deep, & they stretch across so even the shoulder doesn’t alleviate the problem. (It helps but I imagine it’s pretty illegal). They lowered the speed limit so we maybe wouldn’t notice! If they patch it again this year & don’t pave I hope people complain because I literally can’t even get on the Thruway until Camp now, & have to go up Delameter to get over to Rt 20!  I CHALLENGE YOU TO DRIVE IT! Thank you for bringing attention to this huge problem, we deserve better.


- Electric Street in the town of Hamburg near Scranton road has always had a small “trench” that was dug for what I assumed would have been to install a gas or water line, and was paved over. Since this winter, the small bump of a “trench” has turned into a massive gaping hole that you can’t go more that 20 mph over without bottoming out your car. My friend drove over it and she hit the bump and broke her tie rod of her car!!


- 2nd street is horrible toward Honest John's and Aj's... and 5th street they just redid less then 2 years ago.. it doesn't even look like they did anything to it!

- Drive route 60 into town. It's horrendous!!

- Jamestown's 5th st is horrendous. Brick road underneath.


- Oh... why dontcha take a drive down kenmore from niagara falls blvd 2 elmwood.... then turn left on elmwood and go thata way..... I bet you blow a tire while driving in your lane....stay straight! No swerving!

- On the corner of Kinsey Ave (between Military and Elmwood) and Elmwood - too many potholes to count. You can almost feel your car breaking down. 


- That bend in lackawanna that goes from willet to mckinley... horrible!

- Ridge Road in Lackawanna .. Hopkins in South Buffalo! The whole street!!


- I would like to report not just one pothole but many,many potholes. In the town of Marilla, there is a stretch of Liberia Road between Four Rod Road and East Blood Road that is a complete washboard, with many sections of the road broken up and falling apart. You should send the news van for a ride down this road, but don't do over 30mph, or you'll break something on your vehicle! 


- Take a look at the new Portage Road in downtown Niagara Falls... all that works is shot..take it from Niagara ST to Pine AVE.. you will see..

- The town of Porter has some wicked cracks and potholes. Lots of heaving upwards in the roads this winter.

- The intersection of NFBVLD and military rd in NF.....you can see metal down there!

- Some really bad ones on the upper stretch of the Robert Moses Parkway from Niagara Falls heading into Lewiston. Huge chunks of concrete missing! I’ve been switching over the left lane to avoid them. It’s really bad.

- I live in Deveaux on Maple Avenue.  You can not drive down my street off of Lewiston Road because of pot holes and construction.  You can not try to take a detour down Cliff off of Lewiston Road because of construction they started before the Winter and the plows have made it worse.  The other day I took the last detour into my neighborhood and slid on ice hit the curb and I now have front end damage to my car.  When are our roads going to be safe?


- There's a huge, manmade pothole on West Delavan between the Rite Aid and Chapin Parkway. A utility company did some work on the road and didn't patch it well. There is one horrendous pothole going west on Delavan and then a smaller one - also created by the utility - just before you get to the first stop sign at Chapin.

- There is a deep pothole at the corner of Delaware and Lancaster... I was traveling south on Delaware on Thursday night (about 10 pm) and the right side of my car just drilled the pothole. It was at night and I didn't see it. Thank God my car is alright, because it's a deep one.

- I wanted to let you know about a pothole that is getting pretty large on Bailey Avenue heading from the City of Buffalo towards Main Street in Amherst. It is towrds the center of the road near one of the turning lanes. I see it when I head from downtown to get my kids from Windermere Blvd. School in Amherst.


- If you take River Road down to Ward Road (making a right onto Ward Road) into North Tonawanda and drive down Ward Road you will not only see but feel at least 10 substantial size potholes. In fact most of Ward Road until you get into Wheatfield is quite speckled and bad.

- Ward rd and sweeney in north tonawanda are horrible!

- ruie road in nt is the worst!!

- There is a HUGE pothole on the corner of Payne Ave and Walck Road.


- Lake Avenue in Orchard Park is a mess! It's especially bad when driving West from Southwestern Boulevard to North Benzing Road. There are too many potholes to count, both big and small. It feels like my truck is about to fall apart, but with the street only being 2 lanes and the potholes being so numerous- it's hard to avoid driving through them. 


- Main Street in front of Municipal Bldg.


- Big one is always on Ontario street and Skillen. Along with Kenmore extension under the bridge.. They try, try and try to patch them it just makes it worse..


- South Buffalo by Rite Aid on Abbott has to be worst area around.. awful.

- South Park From Smith all the way to Tops. I don't believe ANY mayor moved their butts to drive that part of the city!

- Traveling down South Park from Bailey to Downtown, youll see.


- Niagara Street in the City of Tonawanda from roughly Wheeler Street to Seymour Street (heading east towards North Tonawanda). The road along Mississippi Muds is extremely bad!

- There are tons of potholes on Colvin Blvd between the 290 and Colvin Woods Pkwy. Its pothole city in the right lane getting off the 290 on Colvin. The car falls into the other lane when your bouncing aroung all the potholes.

- The whole stretch of Colvin by Kenney Field is a disaster.

- Colvin By Eggert and Kenny Field! Horrible!

- Sheridan Drive is a mess. And many streets in North Tonawanda are bad. No pics though, sorry. Just know that when I drive those streets, I drive with clenched teeth just waiting for something bad to happen.

- Definitely Colvin (between Eggert Road and Brighton) in the right lane...so bad!

- There are about 4 separate potholes grouped together right in front of Caputi's at 2345 Sheridan Drive and one of them is fairly big, that can really mess a car up just hitting them at 30 or 40 MPH that i would like to see fixed. It's at the corner of Sheridan and Ashford. The potholes are right in front of a fire hydrant. 

- There is a HUGE sink hole on woodland and curtis just before eggert rd.

- Sheridan Dr in Tonawanda heading west.  One very very deep pothole in right lane near Parkhurst. Second, entire right lane wide by Belmont - couldn’t swerve, had to replace a cracked rim and brand new tire on this one. think it’s been repaired now. 

- You can start on Colvin Blvd. from the 290 to Hertel Ave.  That street is full of potholes, it's like riding a wagon train.


- Seneca and union near pet supplies is bad every year they patch it up and every winter the plows rip it up it's terrible


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