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Keep Your Pets Safe in Your Vehicle | Families

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Keep Your Pets Safe in Your Vehicle
Keep Your Pets Safe in Your Vehicle


(Welcome to our pet column, courtesy of Pet Connection Programs Inc. of Marilla. We post a new article each week, so be sure to check back on a regular basis!)

Most dogs love to go for a car ride, but it's up to their owners to ensure they ride along safely. We've all seen dogs sitting on a passenger's lap or unrestrained in the back seat, so just as we've learned the importance of securing children when riding in a car, we also need to focus on pet safety.

“Traveling short or long distances can be highly stressful, both for you and your animal best friend,” says Colleen Skavinsky, the chief veterinary officer at Petsecure insurance. “But with thoughtful preparation, you can ensure a safe and comfortable trip for everyone.”

Petsecure offers the following tips to help protect you and your pet while traveling to the veterinarian, groomer, or even on a family vacation:

• Cats and dogs should be restrained in the rear seat in pet harnesses or pet carriers that are secured by seat belts. During a collision or a sudden slam on the brakes, an unrestricted pet can be thrown about and possibly injured, or even injure a passenger.

• Don't let your pet roam freely in the car or sit on your lap. It's dangerous for both of you. Airbags deployed in the front seat could harm your pet, as he or she could be crushed between you and the airbag, resulting in a serious or fatal injury.

• Never let an animal run free in the bed of a pickup truck. This is a major cause of serious injury and death for animals in car accidents. A quick stop could send them out onto the street, or something interesting on the sidewalk could lead them to leap out into traffic.

• Never leave an animal inside a car on a very cold or hot day. 

A helpful video is available at www.petsecure.com/blog/petsecure/2013/04/02/keep-your-pets-safe-in-the-car

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