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Whirlpool-Rapids Bridge Inspection Lane Construction to Result in Canada-Bound Traffic Closure | Transportation

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Whirlpool-Rapids Bridge Inspection Lane Construction to Result in Canada-Bound Traffic Closure
Whirlpool-Rapids Bridge Inspection Lane Construction to Result in Canada-Bound Traffic Closure

LEWISTON, NY – Today the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission (NFBC) announced the upcoming installation of a second primary inspection lane within the Canada plaza at the Whirlpool-Rapids International Bridge crossing. This construction project—scheduled to commence on September 2nd, 2014, and conclude on or before October 9th, 2014—is being undertaken to increase processing capacity at the crossing. The Whirlpool-Rapids Bridge has recently experienced rapid increases in usage and wait times, due to the growing popularity of the NEXUS trusted travel program.


“NEXUS traffic at the Whirlpool Bridge has exploded, with a 250% increase in usage over the last five years,” said Niagara Falls Bridge Commission General Manager Lew Holloway. “The installation of an additional inspection lane on the Canada-side of the border will provide Canada Border Services Agency with the processing capacity necessary to keep NEXUS card holders moving and ensure that the benefits of trusted travel are fully realized.”


The addition of a second NEXUS booth within the Whirlpool-Rapids Bridge Canada plaza will complement the two American plaza inspection lanes currently in operation.


To accommodate the impending facility upgrade, the Whirlpool-Rapids Bridge will be closed to all Canada-bound vehicles with traffic re-routed to the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge, which is located 4.6 miles/7.4 kilometers to the north along the Niagara River. NEXUS lane hours at the Queenston plaza will be extended from 7am–11pm on weekdays and weekends (Monday–Sunday). Overhead gantry signage at the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge is present to help guide NEXUS card holders toward preferred lanes.


United States-bound traffic at the Whirlpool-Rapids Bridge will not be impacted during the construction period.  United States-bound traffic at the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge may utilize an available NEXUS lane in the Lewiston plaza from 6am–8am on weekdays (Monday–Friday, excluding holidays).


“The Commission recognizes that this upcoming construction activity will inconvenience many NEXUS members in the region and we really do appreciate motorists’ patience,” continued Holloway. “At the same time, we hope that card holders see the positive, long-term benefits that this project will have in reducing backups at the bridge.”


The NEXUS Enrollment Center located at the Whirlpool-Rapids Bridge United States plaza will remain open during the construction period; however, the Canada Border Services Agency offices within the Canada plaza will be closed. NEXUS enrollees interested in obtaining an iris scan (required for NEXUS usage during air travel at select airports) can therefore visit the Queenston Traffic Operations building to fulfill this component of program participation.


Whirlpool-Rapids Bridge users and area NEXUS program members are being notified of the temporary Canada-bound traffic closure through online communications and updated plaza signage. Motorists are also being educated on the construction project through outreach conducted by the NEXUS Niagara marketing campaign.


About the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission:

A Joint Resolution of the 1938 U.S. Congressional Third Session created the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission. The Extra Provincial Corporations Act of the Province of Ontario, Canada licenses the NFBC.  Canada and the U.S. are equally represented on the NFBC by an eight-member Board of Commissioners.  Initially established to finance, construct and operate the Rainbow Bridge, the Commission proved sufficiently efficient and effective to assume responsibilities for the Whirlpool Rapids (Lower) and Lewiston-Queenston Bridges.  The NFBC builds and maintains all facilities for Customs and Immigration functions on both sides of the international border. The NFBC is self-supportive, largely through user fees (tolls) and private-sector tenant leases. NFBC is federally chartered to conduct international commercial financial transactions and issue federal (U.S.) tax-exempt bonds.




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