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Jacobs Unveils New “Self-Serve Kiosks” at Auto Bureaus | News

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Jacobs Unveils New “Self-Serve Kiosks” at Auto Bureaus
Jacobs Unveils New “Self-Serve Kiosks” at Auto Bureaus

Says technology will decrease lines and wait times

Erie County, NY – In his continued effort to utilize technology to improve customer service, Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs announced today the roll-out of Self-Serve Kiosks at the three main auto bureaus. “Similar to what you see at the airport, these kiosks allow you to by-pass the customer service window and print out a wait-time receipt on your own,” said Jacobs.

Jacobs’ says the Kiosks are a result of a “re-engineering study” done in the auto bureau in an effort to improve customer service and revenue. “The study found that customers are often waiting longer in the customer service line then they are waiting to be serviced by a cashier…the kiosks will be a powerful tool to decrease the customer service queue,” stated Jacobs.

“Although the current system has been a vast improvement over the old days of multiple lines, we believe this technology will take us to a new level of customer service,” said Jacobs.  “We also hope this will encourage more people to renew their auto registration and license at local auto bureaus, keeping more money in Erie County.”

The kiosks are installed and operating at the Downtown, Northtown and Cheektowaga Auto Bureaus. In addition to the kiosks, Jacobs’ said another technology that is soon to be rolled-out will be “hand-held” mobile ticket devices which will allow employees to go out onto the auto bureau floor to service customers when lines start to get too long. “This will be another tool to actively manage our customer service needs,” added Jacobs.

“I believe we are the first county in New York to have Self-Serve Kiosks and I think you will quickly see other counties implement this user friendly technology,” said Jacobs. For a complete listing of your closest Erie County Auto Bureau please visit www.erie.gov/clerk.

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