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Investigative Post: Lancaster Town Supervisor Owes Back Property Taxes | News

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Investigative Post: Lancaster Town Supervisor Owes Back Property Taxes

LANCASTER, N.Y. - Dino Fudoli doesn't like taxes and has a track record as an Erie County Legislator and now as Lancaster Town Supervisor of opposing them at every turn.

Investigative Post has determined Fudoli doesn't like his tax bills either and has fallen behind in paying his property taxes on five of six parcels he owns as an individual.

Fudoli, Who recently made headlines for declaring government the "enemy" owes nearly $17,000 in school, town and county taxes on houses and vacant commercial property he owns in Cheektowaga and Alden. Some of the unpaid taxes date to February 2011.

Fudoli owes $7,957 on a 12-acre parcel on Transit Road in Cheektowaga.

$4,459 on a house at 6360 Transit.

$2,073 on a nearby house at 6335 Transit.

$2,018 on a house on Westwood Road in Alden where his brother lives.

And $405 on a vacant land on Rehm Road in Cheektowaga.

The only property in Erie County he's current on is his personal residence on Farmview Court in Lancaster, assessed at a quarter-million dollars.

Investigative Post's Jim Heney asked Supervisor Fudoli about the unpaid taxes.

"It wasn't sensible from a business perspective to bankrupt my property bringing in revenue to pay for property that is either devalued because of wetlands, or is possibly under contract, or doesn't have any value to it whatsoever. And that's all. It was strictly a business decision," said Fudoli.

Supervisor Fudoli also says he plans to pay off the property taxes soon, after the sale of a piece of property his father owns.

"I made a business decision that I was going to pay those off when the property sold that gave us the revenue to pay them."

Watch the second part of Jim Heaney's interview here.

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