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Lancaster police officer delivers baby girl | News

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Lancaster police officer delivers baby girl

LANCASTER, NY - One Lancaster police officer has had quite a busy day. The officer, working the midnight shift, was the first one on scene to deliver a newborn baby girl.

"It's not everyday you deliver a baby," said Officer John Zimmerman, "you're nervous but your training kicks in." Zimmerman was on regular patrol Wednesday night -- all of a sudden -- a call came over dispatch that a woman was in labor.

Zimmerman was two minutes away.

"Get there make sure everyone's okay was my first thought," Zimmerman said.

The woman was home at an apartment complex on Transit Road. It's the first time Zimmerman has ever delivered a baby.

"I was able to take the baby, get her wrapped up in a blanket, check for a pulse, clear the airway, she started crying right away and kept her warm until fire and EMS showed up," Zimmerman said, "as a parent that's the first thing you want to hear is that baby crying."

Since the delivery, Zimmerman says his phone won't stop ringing with friends, family and fellow officers calling or texting.

"Over 100 texts I got from 730 a.m. when I laid down to 930 when I got up this morning," he said.

Zimmerman has not gotten much sleep but is still standing and smiling, working off the adrenaline.

"For us, I think it's really rewarding to be part of something, like a child was born."

His day does not stop.

"I'm off tonight, yeah I'm going to football practice for my son when we get done here."

Mother and daughter were taken to a local hospital and both are in great health.


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