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Kieth Olbermann names Lancaster protesters "Worst in Sports"

LANCASTER, NY- The Lancaster School Board's decision to no longer use the nickname "Redskins" for Lancaster High School drew national attention. And so too have the protests by students and alumni against the decision, saying they didn't have a say in the matter.

Berardi Immigration Law’s First Quarter Border Activity

Berardi Immigration Law’s First Quarter Border Activity


Berardi Immigration Law has had a busy first quarter at the U.S.-Canadian border. Since early January, we have appeared on behalf of at least 40 clients on 18 separate days at the Peace Bridge. Some of these appearances were entered on behalf of other attorneys, but most represent clients whose cases our office fully drafted and prepared. A sample of some of our interesting cases include:

Daemen’s Geppetto Festival to Bring New Life to Art of Puppetry

Daemen’s Geppetto Festival to Bring New Life to Art of Puppetry

The artistic talents of puppeteers from across the United States will be showcased in the second annual Geppetto Festival, named after the beloved woodcarver from the children’s classic “Pinocchio,” scheduled for April 15 as part of the Daemen College Academic Festival.

“The Geppetto Festival is intended to share enriching presentations and performances to help bring new life to puppetry,” said Cameron Garrity, festival director. “Whether young or young at heart, the festival will give audiences the chance to explore new avenues of puppetry beyond Sesame Street and other well-known shows.”

Lancaster students rally in support of nickname

LANCASTER, N.Y. - A decision by the Lancaster School District to change its mascot is not sitting well with some students who held a rally Thursday morning. The students felt they were left out of the decision-making process.

Once students got off the buses this morning, those who still support the mascot rallied outside the building. Senior Emily Koeppel organized the rally. She says there was never a formal discussion in school classes about changing the mascot name and why it was being considered.

About 200 students from the high school, and about 100 students from the middle school, participated in the rally.

Lancaster Supervisor upset about "Redskins" decision

LANCASTER, NY- Lancaster Town Supervisor Dino Fudoli is upset about the town school board's decision to stop using "Redskins" as the mascot for the school district.

During an interview with WBEN Radio, Fudoli, who is a Lancaster High School alum, said he hopes the town votes out the school board members and elects people who will re-instate the nickname.

"I think it's horrible leadership when you have people giving into demands of people from outside the community. These people don't pay taxes here. They don't live here. I think voters are going to send a loud and clear message when election time comes," Fudoli said during the interview.

What is the Difference Between the FEIN and ITIN?

What is the Difference Between the FEIN and ITIN?


As many of you may know, it is common to encounter tax-related fields on forms issued for immigration purposes. Two of these fields include the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and Individual IRS Tax Number (ITIN). It is important to understand the difference between these numbers and the meaning each holds.


Lancaster school board votes to change Redskins nickname

LANCASTER, NY- The Lancaster School District unanimously passed a resolution to change its controversial "Redskins" nickname during a special school board meeting Monday night.

The school board believed the nickname was offensive to Native Americans, and outweighed the demand to keep the nickname, which had been in place for decades.

While the school board was commenting on the resolution, they were frequently interrupted by the crowd, which is estimated to have been more than 100 people. At one point, Lancaster School Board president Kenneth Graber told the crowd they were acting like children.

"People, ethics and perceptions evolve," Graber said. "What was acceptable 70 years ago clearly is not acceptable today."