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Shop 14224: It's an Easy Choice in West Seneca! | Business

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Shop 14224: It's an Easy Choice in West Seneca!
Shop 14224: It's an Easy Choice in West Seneca!

By: Frank Calieri, Executive Director, West Seneca Chamber of Commerce

14224. It has been something we are very familiar with and all have come to love for a very long time. We live here, work here, shop here, our children get the best education here and West Seneca has been declared the best place to raise children in New York State.

Our zip code, 14224, is a simple set of digits which describes us as a mailing address in our West Seneca Township. However, what truly describes us within 14224 is our unification to work together and collaborate. It is wonderful the support that this community gives our schools, police, fire and churches as well as the service and youth community organizations. As for the West Seneca Chamber of Commerce, we strive to assist our member businesses with generating commerce and an enhanced presence in our community. With the holiday season almost over and as you might be wrapping up (pun intended) your holiday shopping, I would like to ask our readership to think about where they spend their hard-earned dollars and please consider

4224 as your first choice in an effort to support our 14224 businesses. There are many benefits of staying local. You would save gas and time traveling to the “big-box” chains or malls and you would avoid the longer lines. For example, you can stay local and get all of your packages wrapped for FREE, yes FREE at the Southgate Plaza with your paid receipts from any of the Plaza Merchants. That's a great bargain right there!

Your neighbors, friends and even some of your family members own or work at a 14224 business, why not support them first by shopping there or picking up a gift certificate! (How about a new Computer or a Carpet Cleaning appointment? Jewelry, Flowers, Auto Care, Health Club, Home Improvement, Restaurant, Barber or Spa Gift Certificates are an easy stocking stuffer!) Our chamber membership has plenty of options for you, please visit our member directory at www.WestSeneca.org to see who our members are and who you can support this holiday shopping season. Additionally, I would like to hear if we can help your business and how we can help you collaborate with others to grow your business and better serve the community.

Please contact me at 674-4900 or director@westseneca.org. Happy Holidays to you and yours!....and remember to REPRESENT.....STAY LOCAL, SHOP 14224!


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