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A "Fowl" Of The Law?

LANCASTER, NY - Amber Lang lives in the town of Lancaster with her boyfriend, their new born daughter.....and 17 chickens and two goats.

"They're pets, they all have names," she said, as she sat on a hay bale cradling her 6 week old baby and offering food to her animals.

Lang and her family were recently served with papers from the town saying they can't keep the animals in a barn behind their home on a mostly rural stretch of Broadway, because doing so violates a recently amended town code.

"This all initiated from a neighbor complaining to the building inspector," confirmed outgoing Town Supervisor Robert Giza.

"I mean, I feel sorry, because I'm sure (Lang) feels close to her chickens and the goats."

He notes Lang's home, and that of her pets, is within an area which is zoned for commercial, residential, and office use.

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Top Black Friday 2011 Deals Online Today

BUFFALO, NY -- Black Friday doesn't have to be a hassle. Today we're saving you time and money. Below is a round-up of the top deals already online that run through Black Friday.

Each link below already has the coupon built-in, so all you need to do is click, enter the coupon code (if applicable) and enjoy. These prices are "Black Friday safe" but please keep in mind there are bigger deals right around the corner. We'll have those Thursday and Friday.

Black Friday Store Maps: Where The Deals Are

One of the major keys to a successful in-store Black Friday experience is knowing where the retailer's putting the deals, and how that store is laid out.

Click on any store name below and you'll find the only hand-drawn deal maps in the country (exclusive to our network of stations). I only mapped out the 8 stores below since the lay-outs are similar from one location to the next. Some store sections will differ slightly, others may be the mirror image of a map. Knowing a store's layout could easily put a deal in your hands first.

Happy Shopping!

- Matt (@MattGranite on Twitter)

Click on any store name below to download the map.

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Walgreens Sneak Peak: 11/20 – 11/23

Walgreens Sneak Peak: 11/20 – 11/23

While the best prices of the year are coming on Black Friday, odds are that most grocery shoppers don’t want to wait.

Walgreens is catering to those shoppers in their latest add by posting some great pre-Black Friday deals, which even features one great Black Friday deal!

Coupon matchups for the week include:

  • Coffee Mate: on sale 2 for $3.  Use the $1/2 coupon from your Sunday newspaper to pay $1 each!
  • Hefty Snack Bags: Buy 1 at $3.49 Get 1 Free.

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Dog Park Safety

Dog Park Safety

Dog parks are great places for dogs to play and socialize with other dogs. Unfortunately, the fun can sometimes turn violent. Without proper knowledge, a dog and its handler are both subject to injury.

Robin Bennett, an author and trainer with All About Dogs in Woodbridge, Va., believes that in order for dog parks to be safe, dogs need to be properly supervised. This means that dog owners must know what to watch for if problems arise between the dogs.

“Early warning signs indicating that a dog is stressed include lip licking, yawning, half moon eyes, stiffening and avoidance,” Bennett said. “These signals all happen before things get too far out of hand.”